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CEIFAcoop is a non-profit cooperative that offers consulting, research and education with the aim to contribute to a more sustainable development.

We are a collective of people combining a broad range of professional competencies in the field of environmental studies and management. As such, we seek to provide answers to the current challenges faced by various sectors of economy - through holistic, responsible and cooperative solutions with our sphere of actitvity spanning from the local to the regional and the international level.



 - CEIFAcoop


We founded CEIFAcoop because we believe that in cooperation we can contribute to:

consolidate an aproach to sustainability that is both economicaly viable and environmentaly responsible

promote networks for awareness raising, sharing of knowledge and education through the means of cooperativism

create work and income for the members of the cooperative

learn from one another and unfold each one's capacities and oportunities

conjointly realize multidisciplinary projects

obtain the flexibility and resilience to respond to the challenges and uncertainties of an unstable economy

develop projects in collaboration with partners from different countries, in particular the PALOP

 - CEIFAcoop



Over the last 15 years, CEIFAcoop has been involved in numerous international projects, such as:


SDGs Labs - Incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into modern business practices of the agribusiness and food production sector
UrbanWINS - Urban metabolism accounts for building Waste management Innovative Networkss and Strategies

ZeroWIN - Towards Zero Waste in Industrial Networks

EduCamp - Education for Sustainable Development beyond the Campus

NILE - New Irrigation System for Low and Efficient Water Use in Agriculture

ToKforCEIFIADE - Building capacities for change management in Portugal

WasteTrain - Develop a Concept for the European Pool of Competence for Building Waste Management

Wambuco - Waste Manual for Building Construction

Services - CEIFAcoop


CEIFAcoop supports companies and public institutions in search and implementation of solutions that promote sustainability both from an economic and environmetal perspective through professional consulting in the following areas:

Environmental management - Circular economy

Optimization of products, processes and systems

Security & Health at work

Impact assessment


Environmental Education & Training


Sustainable architecture


Real Estate Management


Procee Optimization


Tools & Technologies

We maintain a cooperation partnership and represent in Portugal the Umberto® software - an Analysis Tool for elaborating LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and Optimization of complex systems.