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CEIFAcoop is a non-profit cooperative that offers consulting, research and education with the aim to contribute to a more sustainable development.

We are a collective of people combining a broad range of professional competencies in the field of environmental studies and management. As such, we seek to provide answers to the current challenges faced by various sectors of economy - through holistic, responsible and cooperative solutions with our sphere of actitvity spanning from the local to the regional and the international level.

 - CEIFAcoop


We founded CEIFAcoop because we believe that in cooperation we can contribute to:

  • consolidate an aproach to sustainability that is both economicaly viable and environmentaly responsible
  • promote networks for awareness raising, sharing of knowledge and education through the means of cooperativism
  • create work and income for the members of the cooperative
  • learn from one another and unfold each one's capacities and oportunities
  • conjointly realize multidisciplinary projects
  • obtain the flexibility and resilience to respond to the challenges and uncertainties of an unstable economy
  • develop projects in collaboration with partners from different countries, in particular the PALOP



Over the last 15 years, CEIFAcoop has been involved in numerous international projects, such as:

  • UrbanWINS - Urban metabolism accounts for building Waste management Innovative Networkss and Strategies
  • ZeroWIN - Towards Zero Waste in Industrial Networks
  • EduCamp - Education for Sustainable Development beyond the Campus
  • NILE - New Irrigation System for Low and Efficient Water Use in Agriculture
  • ToKforCEIFIADE - Building capacities for change management in Portugal
  • WasteTrain - Develop a Concept for the European Pool of Competence for Building Waste Management
  • WasteTool - Electronic toll for training on construction waste management
  • Wambuco - Waste Manual for Building Construction



 - CEIFAcoop


CEIFAcoop supports companies and public institutions in search and implementation of solutions that promote sustainability both from an economic and environmetal perspective through professional consulting in the following areas:

  • Environmental management - Circular economy
  • Optimization of products, processes and systems
  • Security & Health at work
  • Impact assessment


 Environmental Education & Training


  •  Sustainable architecture
  • Construction
  • Real Estate Management
  • Agroindustries
  • Procee Optimization

 Tools & Technologies

We maintain a cooperation partnership and represent in Portugal the Umberto® software - an Analysis Tool for elaborating LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and Optimization of complex systems (https://www.ifu.com/en/).


 - CEIFAcoop